David Soto Oñate



Articles and chapters in books

Suárez Eiroa, Brais, Emilio Fernández Suárez, Gonzalo Méndez Martínez and David Soto-Oñate (2019): "Operational principles of Circular Economy for Sustainable Development: Linking theory and practice", Journal of Cleaner Production, 214: 952-961.

Soto-Oñate, David (2017): "On the Cultural Legacy of Political Institutions: Evidence from the Spanish Regions", Hacienda Pública Española/Review of Public Economics, 221(2): 47-82.

Soto-Oñate, David and Gonzalo Caballero (2017): "Oil spills, governance and institutional performance: The 1992 regime of liability and compensation for oil pollution damage", Journal of Cleaner Production, 166: 299-311.
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Caballero, Gonzalo and David Soto-Oñate (2017): "Environmental crime and judicial rectification of the Prestige oil spill: The polluter pays", Marine Policy, 84(October): 213-219.

Caballero, Gonzalo and David Soto-Oñate (2016):"Why Transaction Costs are so Relevant in Political Governance? A New Institutional Survey", Revista de Economia Política/Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, 36(2): 330-352.

Caballero, Gonzalo and David Soto-Oñate (2015): "The diversity and rapprochement of theories of institutional change: Original institutionalism and new institutional economics," Journal of Economic Issues, 49(4): 947-977.

Soto-Oñate, David (2015): "The Historical Origins of Regional Economic Inequality in Spain: The Cultural Legacy of Political Institutions", en N. Schofield and G. Caballero (eds.), The Political Economy of Governance: Institutions, Political Performance and Elections. Heidelberg: Springer.

Soto-Oñate, David (2014): "El componente estructural del capital social", Administración e Cidadanía, 9(1): 123-136.

Caballero, Gonzalo and David Soto-Oñate (2013): "La nueva sociología económica y el nuevo institucionalismo en economía: enfoques contemporáneos", in X.C. Arias and G. Caballero (eds.), Nuevo institucionalismo: gobernanza, economía y políticas públicas. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS).


V International Conference on Political Economy and Institutions (ICOPEAI), Baiona (Spain). Title: "Searching for a Coherent Culture for Open Access Social Orders: The Role of Participative and Cooperative Traits".

XXIII Encuentros de Economía Pública, at University of Vigo (Ourense, Spain). Title: "Inclusive Institutions, Proximity and the Political Culture of Participation: An Empirical Investigation".

19th Annual Conference of the International Society of New Institutional Economics, at Harvard University (Cambridge, USA). Title: "On the Institutional Origins of Regional Political Cultures across Spain".

The Ronald Coase Institute's Workshop on Institutional Analysis 2014, Manila (Philippines). Title: "On the Institutional Origins of Regional Political Cultures across Spain."

XIV Jornadas de Economía Crítica, at University of Valladolid (Valladolid, Spain). Title: "Los orígenes históricos de la desigualdad económica regional en España: El legado cultural de las instituciones formales."

III International Conference on Political Economy and Institutions (ICOPEAI), Baiona (Spain). Title: "Historical Institutions in the Origins of Regional Economic Inequality in Spain."

Book Reviews

Soto-Oñate, David (2018): Crítica de libro: "The Moral Economy: Why Good Incentives are no Substitute for Good Citizens / Samuel Bowles", Revista Española de Ciencia Política, 47: 173-177.

Soto-Oñate, David (2017): Book review: "Advances in Political Economy: Institutions, Modelling and Empirical Analysis / Schofield et al.", Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas, 149: 177-181.

Work in progress

The problem of embeddedness and the limits of the rational choice approach for institutional analysis: Some notes on culture, social structure and cooperation

(Working paper here)

Does always a participative and cooperative culture make the difference or does it need specific institutions? On the importance of coherence

(Working paper here)